We have the choice to do business with a local credit repair company or a national company. Most people would like to do business locally. There simply is a comfort level doing business locally. Perhaps the thought of being able to find and visit the company should something go wrong is a compelling reason. And, we would more likely want to help out a business in our own economy. This is no different when choosing a credit repair service and perhaps these reasons are even more compelling.

Credit Repair Process and Concerns

In 2012 I was looking for a local credit repair company to refer to some of our accounting clients. I called several of our local credit repair companies. Most companies were one woman or man operations. And, they hadn't been in business very long. I was looking for a credit repair agency with a proven track record.

Local Credit Repair in Tampa Bay

There were two or three local companies that did credit repair that had a track record but they were very expensive. I was looking for an affordable service for my clients. Then I started calling national credit repair companies that had a track record but discovered that most of them were expensive as well. And, I didn’t get the comfort level that my clients were going to receive personal attention.

I had a bit of a dilemma on my hands until I found the company we now represent. They had everything I was looking for in a credit repair agency. They had a phenomenal technology platform for our clients, proven results, a very affordable price, and offered several ways to increase credit scores.

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A Local Credit Repair Agency

There are many people in need of a local credit repair company. Therefore, I eventually turned over the operations of our accounting business and opened a credit repair agency in 2012. That business has grown substantially since then.  Our clients have a large staff of credit repair experts to rely on. Yet they also have a local representative that will give them the personal attention they need.

My solution to the problem of not finding a local credit repair company was to find the best credit repair company and represent them. To learn why we are the best click below to Book a Phone Appointment. We provide a free, no-obligation phone consultation. No sales hype. We will assess your situation, explain what we do, and let you make a decision. Is credit repair right for you? Book the appointment and let's find out.

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This article which was originally posted in July 2013 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.

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