Looking for a Second Income?

You may be one of the more than 35% of Americans today that have, or are looking for, a second income. Starting a part-time credit repair business is a great way to generate that second income.

Nearly one-third of the country has a 601 or below credit score. That means they cannot qualify for a conventional home loan or get a good interest rate on a car loan or credit card. They need a solution. You can be that solution for them.

Start for Less Than $300

But you can’t spend a lot of time or money starting your part-time credit repair business because it’s, well, part-time with part-time income.  You need a business that’s set up and ready to go with customer support, websites, marketing materials, and videos, and everything else you need. You most likely don’t want to spend the money to purchase a surety bond that might be required by your state either.  And, wouldn’t it be great to start today for less than $300?

Start a Part-Time Credit Repair Business Today

We have a turnkey credit repair business all set up for you. You just plugin and go. Do you know people with challenged credit scores? Start talking with them and show them a credit repair solution that is unmatched by any other company.

Do You Need a Boost in Your Credit Score?

When you start your part-time credit repair business for less than $300 with us you get all the services we offer. And, you can get them free of charge after you get just 5 customers.  You get the same Protection Plan that you’ll be providing your customers. This means that if you need help with your credit score, you'll have it. You’ll experience the products. You’ll see the value in each service. And, you’ll be able to better explain these services to your customers. All free!

Do You Know 10 People?

If you know just 10 people or can talk to 10 people then chances are 3 of them need help with their credit. After enrolling 3 customers you’ve nearly paid for your business and you will lower your monthly business cost to just $50! The rest is pure profit.

$500 to $1,000 a Month

Statistics tell us that the majority of people with a 2nd income or looking for one want to earn around $500 a month extra. If you can get just 5 new customers a month you’ll earn $500 a month from those sales. Plus you’ll be building an additional residual income that will keep coming in month after month from your previous sales.

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