Even before the Covid-19 pandemic households were struggling to make ends meet with two incomes. That is the reality of living in the United States in the new millennium. Since the shutdowns from Covid-19, Americans are now more concerned about their finances next to only their health. As a result, the financial services industry is one of the few on an upswing. When you combine the need for more income and concern for personal finances, financial MLM companies are an attractive option.

Financial Services MLM

Our company, ERA Credit Services, represents one of the top financial services companies in the MLM industry, FreedomPath. This company has the most complete package of financial services available to the average American.

This package of services called the FreedomPath Membership is available for just $189 to start and $89 per month. This membership helps people clean up their credit reports by removing erroneous, obsolete, and unverified negative items from their credit reports. Then clients can have rent payments and utility bills reported to all 3 credit bureaus. Other services to help improve credit scores like secured bank loans are also available.

The Advantages of Financial Services vs Products

We offer people the opportunity to earn extra income by helping others in their family and community with much-needed financial tools and services. These tools and services are delivered through an online account provided to each customer. Therefore, while many companies that sell products suffered from supply chain problems in 2020 and into 2023, we have been able to deliver services to clients instantly with no hiccups at all.

Another advantage to people joining our company to earn income as an Advisor is that there is no inventory required at all. Clients simply enroll online.

financial mlm companies
My wife Shirley and I accepting an award at our national convention

The Growing MLM Financial Services Market

According to badcredit.org, 34% of Americans have less than good credit. MarketWatch claims that between half of workers making under $50,000 to 74% of all employees are living paycheck to paycheck. And almost 3 in 10 adults have no emergency savings at all.

Therefore, there is a huge and growing need for Americans to earn more money. And there's a major problem with consumers' credit scores and their ability to manage their finances. This makes for perfect timing for financial MLM companies that offer a work-from-home, part-time business. However, many have turned the opportunity with our company into a full-time career.

The Compensation Plan is Designed to Build Residual Income

When a consumer becomes a FreedomPath Member, the Advisor earns a $75 commission and then $10/month as long as the client remains on the membership.

However, the most exciting part of the FreedomPath compensation plan is the ability to develop guaranteed residual income. Advisors can bring in other people that want to sell the services and earn $25 each time their direct Advisor sells the service. What if your direct Advisor was a car dealership or real estate office? They could be using the FreedomPath services to increase the number of sales they do and earn income from memberships. And you get paid $25 for every person they sign up.

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This article which was originally posted in 2021 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.