Is it possible to build a home-based financial services business and make the same income, if not more, than at a traditional job? Yes, it’s possible. And, it’s wonderful. I can say that because we've done it and can show you how.

Your commute is as long as the distance from your bedroom to your home office. You can take breaks and days off when “you” want. And, you don’t have to work with people that someone else hires. You choose who you want to spend time with.

Home-Based Financial Services Business

Our home-based financial services business is in the credit repair industry as an independent agency. This is the business my wife and I chose to launch and build alongside our accounting business. Because of the growth of this new business, we shut down our accounting business after two years. The reason we chose to open an agency is due to the track record of the parent company and the nature and pricing of the services they offer.

We were not going to refer our valued clients, associates, and friends to a company that was less than solid. The company we represent has been in business since 2004. They have served hundreds of thousands of clients. The company has maintained the same principal leaders since the beginning, and the company is debt-free.

Services Offered

By being an agent, we can offer services that restore and protect people’s credit, their identity, their family, and their financial future. In these tough economic times, nearly everyone is in need of these services. They offer a low cost, effective credit repair program. In addition identity monitoring, a will and trust program, and other services that help people pay off debt faster and improve their credit score.

The Business Model

This is a direct sales opportunity. In the field, we are Independent Agents. It's very similar to the relationship between a State farm Insurance agent and State Farm. We market and sell the services while the parent company and its partners deliver the services to our clients. They also provide the entire technology infrastructure and customer support. The biggest advantage this business model offers is the ability to add Agents into your business. Much like an insurance or real estate broker, we can bring on Agents to increase our business. And, we can add those Agents anywhere in the country. So, it's possible to build a nationwide credit repair business from your home office as we have done.

Residual Income

As you grow a credit repair business with this business model, you develop recurring revenue and residual income. Again, comparing this to the insurance industry, we get paid every month that a client stays on service. We not only get the revenue from these past clients but we also get new revenue generated by our Agents every month.

What We Most Enjoy About Working with This Company

Dale & Shirley Guiducci
Dale & Shirley Guiducci

The one aspect of what we do as an Independent Agent that I really enjoy is developing relationships with other professionals. People in the mortgage business, real estate agents, bankruptcy attorneys, bankers, and auto dealers. People in these professions all have clients that need to restore their credit. Real estate and mortgage professionals, as well as auto dealers, particularly want to work with us. They have prospective clients that once derogatory items are removed from their credit report become ready, willing, and now able buyers.

We also work in our home office. We enjoy freedom and flexibility with our work schedule which is so rewarding. It doesn't mean we didn't work hard to build our business. It simply allows us to work when we want and how much we want. Just being in control versus being controlled provides a major sense of satisfaction.

This is a long term home-based financial services business opportunity with services that will be needed many years from now. There are Agents making a nice part-time income all the way up to those that are making 5 figures a week. So, it has the same huge income potential as many direct sales companies if someone is willing to go to work and build it. We are one of those people and would love to share more.

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This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.