When we go to the doctor, the first thing they do is check our vital signs. Blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen levels. Every time. In effect, what they are doing is checking our hearts. Without a healthy heart, it’s impossible to have physical fitness. The equivalent in financial fitness is having a healthy credit score.

Most of us will agree that the key to a healthy heart and physical fitness is diet and exercise. If we maintain a healthy eating style and exercise regularly, we have a reasonably good outlook for physical well being.

Similarly, there are keys to financial well being also. Good habits that we all can learn and do to have a sound financial well being. And, if we do these things we will have a good outlook for financial fitness which will be represented by a healthy credit score. Just like our health vital signs.

Credit Repair by Experienced Professionals

Remedies for Recovering Financial Health

We were taught some things in school about health. There were even courses we had to take. But there were no courses on financial fitness and certainly nothing about a healthy credit score. But if your financial health isn't perfect we have remedies for that.

First of all, we need to check our financial fitness vital signs ourselves. For most, there’s no financial doctor that we go to regularly that does that for us. So, we need accurate, real-time credit monitoring. Not free services because they aren’t accurate and aren’t real-time. Not the one we get from the credit card companies for the same reason.

Then we need to protect our credit which comes from monitoring our identity. It’s like taking supplements to bolster our immune system. Identity monitoring is key to a healthy credit score and a sound financial outlook.

We also must learn how to get and maintain a healthy credit score. It seems that everyone is only focused on negative items versus positive items on their credit report. But there are many things we can do on a regular basis to achieve a healthy credit score even if we have negative items on our credit reports.

What about those negative items on a credit report? Can we do anything about that? Most of the time, yes! Just like with disease, if left unchecked it could seriously affect your financial health. And, in a lot of cases, it can be rectified. Yes, we have to take a prescription for it but not forever!

Once the Problem is Identified and Treatment Begins...Shoot for Peak Financial Health

Then there’s debt. Paying interest on debt zaps our financial energy. Money is going out with no return. But what if we could pay that debt down and stop paying as much interest? We would have more money to save for emergencies, retirement, and college.

Once we start developing a sound financial outlook we need to protect it all. Therefore we all need a last will, living trust, and medical and financial powers of attorney. Without these vital documents, everything we build for ourselves could go up in smoke before our heirs see it.

Everything we need to rectify these problems and have sound financial fitness is available. The problem is, that up until recently, no one knew where to get all this. It was like going to a gym for cardio, then another for weight training, then another for yoga. It was unrealistic and expensive.

Now, Everything We Need for Financial Fitness is All in One Place

Now, everything we need for financial fitness is all in one place with one membership for just $89/month. And, it’s simple. You log in to an online account and all these services are waiting for you with videos to explain each.

If you do have negative items on your credit report a dedicated, expert staff will use federal law to legally remove obsolete, erroneous, and unverifiable items from your report.

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Now financial fitness is as readily available as physical fitness.
But just like physical fitness it requires focus and discipline.
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This article which was originally posted in 2020 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.

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