Credit repair classes are a very misunderstood topic. Let’s assume that you want to start a credit repair business perhaps either as a side gig or full-time business. Or you may just want to learn how to repair your own credit and do it for family members. In any case, you’ll find companies that provide online credit repair classes. These companies make it seem that it’s imperative that you get credit repair training. I’m going to throw you a curveball by telling you that I own a credit repair agency that produces nearly $1 million in revenue annually and I never went through a credit repair training program. Let me explain further. And make sure you read this all the way through because I’m going to share what no one else tells you about credit repair training at the end.

No Credit Repair Licensing or Credit Repair Certification Needed

Before I explain my statement above let’s get one thing out of the way first. No state in the United States requires licensing or certification to do credit repair. Some, however, do require a surety bond. Other states will give you more latitude in how you charge clients if you do have a surety bond, but it isn’t required if you do not charge fees prior to rendering service. Anyone can purchase a surety bond. It’s like an insurance policy. A surety bond ensures that you will perform services for the client. If you do not, the company that you purchased the surety bond from will pay the client back the money they gave you. For a list of states that require surety bonds visit Credit Repair Surety Bonds.

What You Need to Know About Credit Repair

To start a credit repair business do you need to know some credit repair law? Yes, you do. It’s critical. You need to abide by the laws in your state and federal regulations regarding credit repair. But learning this information doesn’t require you to take credit repair classes or a credit repair course. Simply Google, “credit repair law in your state”. The office that oversees credit repair in your state will list the requirements you must meet to do credit repair in that state.

The federal law that governs the credit repair industry is the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). A key element of CROA requires that in order to charge upfront fees to consumers for credit repair, you must be a bank, credit union, attorney, or 501(c)3 non-profit organization. However, you may charge a nominal account set up fee before rendering services.

You also need to understand the process of credit repair and how derogatory items can be removed based on federal law. Lastly, you should know the probability that specific types of items will or will not be removed through the credit repair process. But to learn all of this you don’t need to pay a company to teach it to you and go through a credit repair training course. I provide this credit repair training for my team of agents around the country. Heck, I provide it for free on our YouTube channel. Go to the channel and subscribe so that you'll be notified when I produce new videos. And, we’ve placed the video right here as well. Watch it and save yourself a lot of time and money

What You Don’t Need to Know

Take a deep breath because I’m about to share something that will be contrary to what most people reading this think. And what no school that provides credit repair classes wants you to know. Are you ready? You do not need to know how to draft dispute letters to send to the credit bureaus. Why? Let me give you 2 scenarios:

You want to do your own credit repair and help a few family members or friends. In this case, you might be better off simply utilizing the online process to remove derogatory items that each of the 3 credit bureaus offers. To go through everything that I’ve outlined above plus learn how to draft dispute letters on your own is hardly worth the inordinate amount of time and effort when you are bringing in no income for doing it all.

You want to start your own credit repair agency. You’re going to presumably need a lot of dispute letters for many clients. There are 2 solutions for this and neither requires you to learn how to draft dispute letters.

There are many companies that have credit repair software that you can license for an upfront cost and a monthly fee. This software will produce dispute letters specific to each client based on the derogatory items they have on their credit reports. The software will undoubtedly do this quicker and perhaps even better than you can do it manually.

However, if you work within our business model, we have staff that does all of that for you. You don’t need to find a way to pull credit for your clients, draft dispute letters, send them to the credit bureaus, or even update your clients on their credit repair progress. It’s all done for you.

The Most Important Credit Repair Training - Credit Repair Business Training

This is it. This is the key to running a successful credit repair business. It’s not how to do credit repair. It’s about how to run a credit repair business. You might know how to run a business, but the credit repair industry is unique. Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players but when he tried professional baseball, he wasn’t so good. It would behoove you to understand the nuances of the credit repair business. How to properly market a credit repair business, as an example. If you target the wrong type of people you will not produce many sales. How to sell credit repair to people. Scaling and growing your business. How to get a steady stream of referrals. These are all important topics.

I may sound a bit narcissistic but it’s a true statement that I am the only one that provides credit repair business training. I do that in two ways. If you like our business model and become an independent credit repair agent with our company, you get all this free of charge. All of our agents get an online training portal with videos specific to each part of the credit repair business. Additionally, I conduct live credit repair classes online every single week. In fact, there are over well 100 of these credit repair classes available to our agents.

If you start your own company and want this training, I make it available to you for a nominal fee.

To learn about our business model and becoming an independent agent visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity

If you want to start your own business and still get credit repair business training visit Credit Repair Business Coach