It might seem logical to many that when needing help removing derogatory accounts from their credit report, they should hire a credit repair lawyer. The process of doing so is done by federal law after all. And if that’s the case wouldn’t it be better to have a credit repair attorney navigating you through this process? You might even surmise that there isn’t any downside to choosing to work with a credit repair lawyer versus a credit repair company that has no lawyers on staff. So why not if the price is the same?

The issue here though is that the law governing the credit repair process is a consumer protection law and it is clearly defined. Because it is a consumer protection law, you do not need a lawyer. Or, as a credit repair company have a credit repair lawyer on staff to take advantage of it.

A Credit Repair Lawyer Will Not Necessarily Get You the Biggest Increase in Your Credit Score

However, what we’ve been screaming for the rooftops since 2012 is that people shouldn’t just try to get derogatory accounts removed from their credit report. Credit repair companies and credit repair lawyers can both do that. But by only doing that you will not get the biggest boost to your credit score possible.

A Holistic Approach to Your Credit Score

The approach that we take is to certainly attempt to remove derogatory accounts from a client’s credit report by using the federal consumer protection law. However, we realized a long time ago that this process only affects the category of Payment History. Payment History only accounts for 35% of one’s credit score. We take a holistic approach to a client’s credit score and work on every aspect of it.

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Work on 100% of Your Credit Score

We not only work on Payment History (35%) but also Amounts Owed (30%) on a client’s positive accounts. Amounts Owed is largely a calculation of the percentage owed to a creditor by the consumer in relation to the limit they can borrow such as on credit cards. We educate our clients on this and how organically they can increase their own credit score.

The remaining 35% of a credit score consists of Credit Mix or Types of Credit (10%). Length of Credit History is (15%). And New Credit (10%). By looking at a client's whole financial and credit picture, we can suggest several ways and provide tools and services to boost their credit score to the maximum amount possible. We can even help a client get a significant boost in credit score even if they have no derogatory accounts at all.

But What If I Need a Credit Repair Lawyer?

That’s great you might say. But what if you have a situation, or one pops up in the process, where a credit repair lawyer is needed? That’s a great question. That is why we have credit repair lawyers licensed in your state standing by to step and assist you if the need arises.

So, don’t just hire a credit repair lawyer and think you’re getting the most effective credit repair available. Work with a company like ours that has successfully been helping people with credit repair for many years. But that also works on areas that credit repair attorneys do not. And that has lawyers standing by if you need one.