If you are looking for a full-time business or perhaps a side hustle and live in southwest Florida, we have a credit repair business opportunity that you’ll want to explore. Our company, ERA Credit Services, has credit restoration agents throughout the United States. However, we want to increase our presence from Port Charlotte to Naples. Therefore, we are looking for individuals that want to start a credit repair business in Fort Myers and/or the surrounding area.

You would own an independent agency for an initial investment of under $300. You would enjoy the ability to work from home and set your own schedule. Our company provides the infrastructure, technology, websites, training, and administrative staff to assist you in growing your business. Your responsibilities would include marketing your business in your area to consumers to grow your customer base. In addition, you can expand and scale your business if you desire by adding other independent agents in your area, in the state of Florida, and around the country.

What Makes Us Different from Other Credit Repair Companies

The biggest difference between our company and other credit repair companies is that we do far more for the client than just credit repair. Other companies in our industry only dispute derogatory items on a consumer’s credit report. When items are removed, credit scores do increase. However, there are many other ways to improve a credit score. In addition to credit repair, you will market services that build positive credit and provide credit education through online tools to your clients.

The Highest Credit Score in the Shortest Time Possible

Our process is set up to provide the client with the highest credit score possible in the shortest amount of time. Other companies in our industry purposely slow this process down to keep the client paying monthly fees indefinitely.

Because of this major difference, you will have the opportunity to market your services to any professional or business that needs credit-worthy clients to grow their business. Real estate agents and companies, mortgage brokers and companies, solar companies, and more want qualified clients as quickly as possible. There is little to no competition in this area because of the speed at which we can increase a client’s credit score.

Learn More - Start a Credit Repair Business in Fort Myers

With our startup credit repair business, you will be compensated for every client you obtain. And should you choose to bring on additional independent agents, you will receive bonuses and overrides on their sales production as well.

Our parent company has been in the business of providing credit restoration and other financial services since 2004. We recently passed the 1 million client mark and have seen a significant increase in business in the last few years.

If you like what you’ve read so far, and believe you have the right qualifications to start a credit repair business in Fort Myers and southwest Florida, watch the 30-minute video below. Then click the icon below the video to schedule a phone appointment with us. We can further answer your questions and otherwise help you determine if this is the right fit for you.

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