One assumption that most people make when looking at starting a credit repair business is that there are millions of people with bad credit. That’s true. According to, close to 20% of consumers have a sub-prime credit score. However, there are some factors that come into play that most people don’t think about when researching how to start a credit repair business. We’re going to explore them and then share with you how to beat the competition in the credit repair business.

Most People Don’t Need to Fix Their Credit

Understand something, people can live with bad credit their whole life. A good credit score is not like food, water, and air. The only time a bad credit score will affect someone is when they go to use their credit. However, many people are satisfied with living in an apartment that isn’t in the most desirable part of town or driving a car that’s a few years old. So, you have to take this group out of the equation when calculating how big the market is.

Some People Can’t Afford to Fix Their Credit

Not everyone has the money in their monthly budget to pay you or me to fix their credit. You can conclude that’s why they have bad credit, to begin with. When an unexpected expense pops up, and when don’t they, some monthly bill has to go unpaid. Take these people out of the equation as well.

There’s a Lot of Competition in the Credit Repair Business

There are close to 81,000 credit repair companies in the U.S. according to Those companies share the approximate $3 Billion per year market. That means that on average credit repair companies generate $37,000 per year in revenue. That’s not a lot if you want to support yourself.

In addition, there are some big dogs in the fight for that revenue. You know the names. Lexington Law,, SkyBlue Credit, and more. Those companies are going to get their fair share leaving even less for us little guys.

Can you compete in the credit repair market with a startup credit repair business? The answer is an overwhelming YES! But you have to differentiate your company and offer more than anyone else in your market.

By doing what I share in the video below, my little company generates nearly $1 million in revenue annually. That means I get 1/3000th of the market working out of my home office. Not bad but my goals are much higher.

What Makes You Different?

If all you’re going to offer is the removal of derogatory items, you have nothing different to offer people than the other 81,000 companies. You’ll be a ‘me too’ company. That won’t cut it. Your dispute letters won’t be any more effective than any other company.

You need to provide more services. Services that will work on more than just removing negatives and ‘Payment History’ which is only 35% of a credit score. You need to be able to offer a client the ability to improve other areas of their credit score like ‘Amounts Owed’, ‘Length of Credit History’, ‘Credit Mix’, and ‘New Credit’.

You also need to compete with technology. Credit repair companies today provide their clients with online access to their accounts. We even provide our clients with a phone app for access to their accounts and progress reports while on the go.

Lastly, you must have superior customer support after the sale. If you work a job or run another business, you can’t make clients wait for hours until you get home from work.

What If You Can’t Provide All of This on Your Own?

Chances are you can’t. Building this type of infrastructure costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I do have a solution for you. You can learn about it by watching the video below. This solution is how I started and developed my business in 2012. If after you watch this video you want to learn specifics about our business model, they’ll be a link to our Business Opportunity page. But watch this video first.

Watch This Video, 'The Credit Repair Business, Stand Out From the Competition'

If what I shared in the video makes sense visit our Credit Repair Business page and learn the details of our business model. Our credit repair business model will make you more competitive in the market against the other 81,000 credit repair companies. And, if you decide to join us, I will personally teach you how I generate close to $1 million in revenue annually.