Being in the credit repair business since 2012, I can honestly tell you it was the best career move I’ve made. The market is strong. The income is excellent. Having the ability to work from home and manage my own schedule is priceless. And we get to help a lot of people that otherwise couldn’t buy a home or achieve other goals. Having said all that, I don’t advise that someone start a credit repair company unless they overcome some challenges that the majority of credit repair business owners run into. Let’s dig into those challenges.

What Credit Repair Business Owners Tell Me

Over the last 10+ years, I have received over 4,000 phone calls from people that are interested in our credit repair business model. Either they are doing their preliminary research, or they have started their business and are looking for solutions to the challenges that are encountering.

The main challenges they face have to do with two things. The first is piecing everything together that they need to have a properly functioning credit repair business. And the second is finding the time to do all that is necessary to run a successful business.

Don’t Start a Credit Repair Company Unless…

You Are Good at Marketing or Committed to Becoming Good at Marketing

Marketing is the core of any business. Credit repair marketing is essential. Another term you could use is exposure. Unless you can get your business exposed to your prospective customers better than your competitors, you’re not likely to achieve your business goals.

So, ask yourself the following. Are you good at social media or online marketing? Do you have the time to network in your local community? Can you run effective Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google Ads? And do you have the budget for that?

How Our Business Model Helps You with Marketing

If you decide to join our team of Independent Credit Repair Agency Owners around the country, we help you with marketing. We don’t do the marketing for you, but we provide you with the tools and training that you need. All the traditional printed materials such as brochures, flyers, folders, and business cards. But we also provide you with social media posts that are proven to work for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

And we train you in marketing. How to do it. Where to do it. In other words, how to get your marketing in front of the right kind of prospects. What are the tried and proven methods that are working? If you want to get leads from Instagram, we can teach you how to do that. If you want to develop referrals from the real estate, mortgage, auto, or solar market, we can teach you that as well.

Unless You are Good at Sales or Committed to Becoming Good at Sales

Sales go hand in hand with marketing. Marketing will bring you a lead, but you have to know how to turn that lead into a customer. That may seem easy. But unless you understand the sales process, how to identify specific challenges your prospect is having, what their goals are, and how you can overcome those challenges, your closing ratio will suffer. Can you teach yourself how to do this? Of course. But it will take time for you to get good at it.

How Our Business Model Helps You with Sales

You’ll have those studio-quality videos that you can use to initially describe our services to your prospects. But nothing closes business better than a conversation. With our credit repair business training, we teach you the exact conversation you should have with a credit repair prospect. You’ll get our script that is responsible for tens of thousands of sales. You’ll learn tried and proven methods of increasing your closing ratio.

Unless You Offer More Services Than Just Credit Repair

That’s right. You must offer more than just the removal of derogatory items from consumer credit reports. Why? Because you are competing with dozens of companies in your area and tens of thousands nationwide. And guess what? They all do the same thing. Some charge a little more. Some a little less. But how are you going to distinguish what you do for customers if all your doing is the same thing as everyone else? So, definitely do not start a credit repair company unless you'll offer more than credit repair.

start a credit repair company
You've Got to Stand Out Like the Person in the Yellow Jacket Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

How Our Business Model Helps You with Offering Much More Than Just Credit Repair

As an agency owner, you’ll not only offer the fastest and most effective credit repair service to each of your clients, but you’ll offer much more. Each of your customers will receive real-time online credit monitoring, identity monitoring, a debt payoff system, a budgeting tool, education on how to develop good credit habits, access to a credit attorney if needed, and more!

Depending on the need of your client you can also offer them the ability to add their rent payments to their Equifax and Transunion credit reports. You can even go back up to 24 previous months. This will produce a significant boost to their score. We also have a secured bank loan program for those that need to establish and/or build credit.

Don’t Start a Credit Repair Business Unless You Choose the Right Business Model

For those that want to learn how to start a credit repair business, this point is HUGE! In fact, don’t start any business unless you have the right business model. We made that mistake about 15 years ago. We started an accounting business and built it up to over 50 clients. The problem was that because we were physically doing all the accounting work, we couldn’t expand it. We were already working 6 or 7 days a week. And, when we wanted to take some time off we didn’t make any money.

Starting a business like we did where you do all the work yourself is being a ‘Solopreneur’. You’re in business for yourself and by yourself. If you choose to go with a credit repair software company, you’ll be a solopreneur. If it’s going to get done, you have to do it. This is by far not the best business model to use to start a credit repair company.

You want to be an ‘Entrepreneur’. Yes, you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

How Our Business Model Helps You Become an Entrepreneur

In the video below we describe this in detail, but the essence of it is that you will have staff that will pull credit, draft dispute letters, and provide Customer Service to your clients 40+ hours a week. What does that do for you? It frees you up to do your marketing and sales. To grow your business. To use your talents and skills to your advantage.

But here’s a difference that can allow you to grow your startup credit repair business exponentially and nationwide. You can look for others that want to own a credit repair agency. When they get started, they’ll be on your team of credit repair agents. When they produce business, you get bonuses and overrides on that business.

Now you’re a true entrepreneur. You’ll be making money when other people are working. Your earnings won’t just be dependent on what you do. You’ll get paid when you take time off. And you’ll build a true residual income coming from your business. Not just your customers. But from the customers of all the Agents on your team. You can grow your business across your state and across the country.

Other Advantages to Our Credit Repair Business Model

Most definitely watch the video below to get all the details. But just know that it won’t take you weeks or months to get started. Once you make a decision to start, you’re in business in 30 minutes or less. You don’t need a surety bond, credit repair software, merchant services, or even to build a website. That is provided for you. And get this, the cost of getting started is under $300.00! Watch the video below.

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This article which was originally posted in 2021 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.