I wrote an article in May of 2017 entitled, Become a Credit Repair Agent. We have called our independent agency owners around the country, credit repair agents, for many years. And credit repair is what we've been primarily known for so that made sense. But it doesn’t now. Why not? Because over the years we have added services to offer far more ways to improve credit scores other than just credit repair and services to help people with many facets of their finances. To call our agency owners credit repair agents limits the scope of what they do.  From this day forward an agency owner will be known as a Financial Director. Because that's what they do. They direct people to our suite of services that can impact their finances in many ways.

It's a bit astonishing to me that it took me this long to realize that we have been incorrectly labeling our agency owners. For about 2 years I have been writing and producing YouTube videos about the fact that credit repair companies that only offer credit repair will become obsolete very soon. They simply won’t be able to compete with companies like ours that offer so much more to each client.

Credit Restoration (or what most call credit repair)
Credit Monitoring
Rent Reporting
Credit Builder Loans
Debt Elimination

Utility Bill Reporting
Identity Monitoring
Bill Negotiation

Now, if you are looking to start a credit repair business put your business owner hat on for a minute. What if you could talk to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, car dealerships, or finance managers, and ask them if they have renters that can’t qualify. Of course, they’ll say they do. Now you can tell them that you can increase their credit score by as much as 50 points in about 30 days with our rent reporting service. Then ask them if they think that an increase like that will help them sell more homes or cars. You’ll be able to get a lot of referral business that way.

As you can see, by becoming a Credit Agent or what we now call an Advisor with our company you can offer clients a lot of resources and services. The main point is that it’s not just credit repair. We have become a financial services company that offers a wide range of services for the average American.

As a credit agent, you can work your business part-time or full-time. That allows you to start building a business while you still have another job. Here are some other advantages to being a credit agent with our company.

Even though we offer credit restoration (credit repair), you do not need a surety bond in your state, and you can market your business anywhere in the country. You are not restricted to doing business in just your state. You do not need to purchase credit disputing software, get a merchant services account, figure out how to pull credit for your clients or build a website. All of that is provided at no cost to our credit agent.

How Our Credit Agents Build Their Businesses

A credit agent with our company markets their business. They need to get the word out about what they can do to help people. They can do that online or offline through traditional advertising, word of mouth, and referrals from real estate agents and other professionals.

Our credit agents must then make the sale to the client and direct the client to enroll themselves on the website provided to them. However, they do not do the actual service delivery to the client. We have licensed financial experts that take over. They do all the administrative work necessary to deliver the services to the client including pulling credit, analyzing credit reports, drafting dispute letters, and more. That includes all the other services as well.

This allows a credit agent to spend more time marketing and building their business. Specifically, how can a credit agent do that? There are 2 general ways to market any business. One is online. The other is offline. If a credit agent has experience with digital marketing and/or social media, then they can get leads from anywhere in the country online. However, if they don’t have any digital marketing experience there are many ways to generate business offline. Such as through professionals in credit-related businesses like real, mortgage, banking, auto, solar, and more. Business networking groups are another great way to expose our services. Visiting and becoming members of real estate organizations like NAREB, NAHREP, and the local board of realtors. This is where a credit agent, whether it be online or offline, should be spending their time instead of dealing with the administration of delivering the services.

 Credit Agency Scalability

If you like what you’ve read so far that’s great. But none of what I’ve shared so far solves the biggest challenge when trying to grow your own business. That challenge is the ability to scale a business beyond what you can do on your own. If your income is limited to what you can accomplish working on your own, that is not a true entrepreneurial venture. You must be able to have a business that will grow beyond what you can do in the hours you have, and even grow without you. Only in that way can you grow a large business and develop a significant income.

Every credit agent that we have has that ability because our company compensates them for having other credit agents anywhere in the country. And the number of credit agents they can have is unlimited. A credit agent might be part-time and only want to earn extra income each month. Other credit agents may be in a credit-related industry and instead of referring clients, they decide to start their own credit agency. Others credit agents make it a full-time career. Our credit agents get compensated for any business their team does. This allows our credit agent to grow their business as large as they like and earn an income commensurate with the size of their business.

Learn the Details

Where you can get more information is through a detailed business overview video. It will share in detail the services you can offer as a credit agent. You’ll learn what we charge clients and what you earn from each sale. It will also touch on the compensation you can receive through having other credit agents on your team throughout the country. This video will explain our training program and the cost to start a credit agency.

After watching our business overview video, assuming that you like what you see, you’ll be able to schedule a phone appointment where you can get all your questions answered and learn how to get started.

Click Below to Watch Our Detail Business Overview Video

This article which was originally posted in 2022 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.