We celebrated the 11-year anniversary (as of July 2023) of starting our credit repair business. In those 11+ years, I have spoken to over 5,500 people that have called me with a desire to start a credit repair business themselves. Each one of them struggled with the regulations and red tape of getting their credit repair business started. I’ve told each of them the same thing. You can start a credit repair business today by doing it the same way I did.

Some of those people followed my advice. Others continued to do research only to discover that surety bonds, pulling credit, merchant services, credit repair business software, and other roadblocks were too much to overcome. They eventually realized that even if they could wade through and overcome these hurdles, it takes too much time to operate the business alone. And hiring staff just wasn’t practical based on the profit margins in the credit repair industry. So, they quit trying. They gave up on the idea entirely.

Grow a Credit Repair Business as Large as You Desire

I receive calls quite often from people who had started a credit repair business using credit repair software from Credit Repair Cloud. They go through all the training and start marketing their business to get clients. To an outsider, it would seem like they are doing the right thing. However, because they have to do all the work of analyzing credit reports, drafting dispute letters, and generally delivering the service to their clients, they can not grow their business to the level they want. They stop that business and call me because they realize that with our business model, they can scale their business as large as they desire.

What It Takes to Start a Credit Repair Business

There are 2 major issues to overcome to start a credit repair business. The first is all the state and federal regulations. And, then finding a way to pull credit for clients. Then find a merchant services company to work with you to allow you to take credit and debit card payments.

The 2nd major issue is then finding the time and having the expertise to do marketing, sales, and service delivery without a staff. Or, affording to hire a staff to do some of the work for you on the profit margins generated in the credit repair business.

Problems Solved

With our business model, none of those are issues at all. Our AI technology has already pulled credit reports and shows credit scores when the client logs into their portal. The dispute letters can be sent to the credit bureaus with the click of a couple of buttons. You don't even need a merchant services account. Credit and debit card payments are taken through the website provided to you.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you are not subject to the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) laws. You do not need to purchase a surety bond or register in any state. And, you can do business in all 50 states. Your market expands to the entire U.S.

Your focus then becomes marketing and sales only. If you are good at marketing and sales you not only can do very well, but you can scale your business to any level you desire. In fact, you can bring on Advisors all over the country that will generate revenue and income for you. The company actually pays you a bonus to do so.

We Train You Every Step of the Way

You'll have credit repair training so you can become an expert in the field. But you'll also receive training on how to go out and generate business. Yes, credit repair business training! We show you how to generate referrals. Then we'll share with you the most effective way to sell to a customer prospect. And, if you do bring on other Agents, we’ll train them as well.

And here’s the icing on the cake. Because it’s all built and has been since 2004, you can start a credit repair business today. We can have you in our online training program immediately. Our credit repair classes don't teach you how to draft dispute letters because our technology does that automatically. We’re going to train you on building a credit repair business that is affordable (under $300 to start), sustainable (you have help building it), profitable (you keep what you make because your business expenses are very low), and scalable (build it as large as you desire).

Get the Details of Our Business Model

For further information and to learn all the details visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. There you will find a business overview video. You’ll get 90% of your questions answered. Then you’ll want to book a phone appointment with me. You’ll see a tab that will bring up my appointment calendar. Just pick a day and time that works for you. We’ll get on the phone and see if our business model is a good fit for you.

When you’re ready we’ll get you set up with websites, your online training, our private Facebook Group, and our weekly live training. Are you ready to start a credit repair business today? If so, visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. Talk to you soon.

This article which was originally posted in 2019 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.